Graffiti Removal Program

The Lompoc Police Department and the City of Lompoc Solid Waste have teamed up to tackle graffiti in our City. Graffiti left unchecked has caused many communities to appear run-down and is often cited by communities as their number one blight problem.

The City of Lompoc Graffiti Removal Program has combined the timely documentation by the Police Department staff with the quick removal provided by a City Solid Waste employee or volunteers. Generally, our goal is to be able see to the removal of most graffiti within 48 hours. Graffiti becomes unlawful 72 hours after its occurence. Upon notice by the city, the property owner and occupants shall be allowed five working days after the date of the notice to remove the grafitti.

Graffiti Vouchers

In some cases property owners choose to remove the graffiti themselves because they would rather not have a city employee on their property or they would like to choose the color of the paint themselves. The City does not guarantee that the color they choose will match the existing surface color. The City does provide vouchers for the cost of a limited amount of paint in order to quickly cover the graffiti while accommodating the property owner. Contact the Lompoc Police Department at 875-2727 (875-ASAP) to obtain a voucher or report graffiti.

The City adopted a graffiti ordinance in 2010 that includes a Graffiti Abatement Plan.

9.16.050 Graffiti Removal Required.

  1. It is unlawful for any person owning or otherwise controlling any real or personal property within the City to permit or allow any graffiti to be placed upon or remain upon such property when graffiti is visible from the street or from other public or private property, for more than 72 hours after the occurrence of graffiti vandalism.
  2. Any person applying graffiti within the City shall remove the same within 24 hours after notice by the City or by the owner of the vandalized public or private property. Failure of any person to so remove graffiti constitutes an additional violation of this Chapter. Where graffiti is applied by juveniles, the parent or parents are responsible for such removal or for the payment therefore.
  3. Should the property owner contact the City within 48 hours after the occurrence of graffiti vandalism, the City shall assist in the coordination of labor, by volunteers or City employees, to remove the graffiti and will furnish the property owner or volunteer workers with supplies (paint, paint brushes, etc.) to remove the graffiti.

    1. When graffiti is observed on any surface in the City which is visible from the street or from other public or private property, the City shall cause a notice to be issued to the property owner and occupant(s) to abate such nuisance. The property owner and occupant(s) shall be allowed five working days after the date of the notice to remove the graffiti.
    2. The notice to abate graffiti shall be substantially in the following form:




TAKE NOTICE THAT you are required, at your expense, to remove or paint over the graffiti located on your property at ______________ in Lompoc, California, not later than five days after the date of this Notice.

If you fail to remove the graffiti on your property, City employees or private contractors or volunteers will enter your property and paint over or otherwise remove the graffiti. The costs of such removal will be assessed against you and such costs will constitute a lien against your property until fully paid.

If you object to the foregoing, be advised that you may submit written objections and comments to the City Building Official at the address below, not later than five days after the date of this Notice. If no objections are received by close of business on the fifth day after the date of this Notice, the City may proceed with the removal of the graffiti inscribed on your property, at your expense, without further notice.


City of Lompoc
100 Civic Center Plaza
Post Office Box 8001
Lompoc, CA 93438
(805) 736-1261

  • Please report grafitti by:


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