Community Oriented Policing

Community Oriented Policing is the use of resources every community has available to it.  The three primary components of this program are –

Community Partnerships-
Community Partnership brings together Law Enforcement, community organizations and individuals to partner in developing solutions to the problems the community is experiencing.  Examples of some of these problems could be blight, homelessness and graffiti.

Organizational Transformation-
This is a process in which the police department will prepare the organization to better support the community in the solution process.  Examples of this could be re-alignment of personnel, strengthening information systems and training.

Problem Solving-
This is the process of identifying community problems and developing realistic plans to resolve the issues.  This step also requires the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of a process to measure its value to the program.

The Lompoc Police Department embraces the Community Oriented Policing philosophy.  Community policing emphasizes proactive problem solving in a systematic and routine fashion. Rather than responding to crime only after it occurs, community policing encourages agencies to proactively develop solutions to the immediate underlying conditions contributing to public safety problems.

The Lompoc Police Department has developed a program for the residents to easily access the complaint process.  Please click on the button above to be taken to our COPPS map. 

In the top right corner of the map you will see a search window.  In this window enter the address where the COPPS project is located.   Once the area of the map adjusts, click on the map where the problem is located.  A pop up window will appear and identify the Supervisors and Officers responsible for your area.  You will also see at the top of this window a link to the complaint form to file your COPPS issue.  This link is called “Identify a Problem Area”.  The complaint form is an online form.  Please fill out all of the areas of the form.  When you submit this form it will be received by the Community Services section and then assigned to the officers responsible for COPPS projects in  your area.



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